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 SFFD Application - John Smith - 12/15/2012

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SFFD Application - John Smith - 12/15/2012 Empty
PostSubject: SFFD Application - John Smith - 12/15/2012   SFFD Application - John Smith - 12/15/2012 EmptySat Dec 15, 2012 6:46 pm

Los Santos Emergency Services
FFSD Courses - Application

First Name: John
Last Name: Smith
Sex: Male
Date of birth: 02/07/1988
Age: 26
Phone number: 322163
E-mail address:

Why would you like to apply to the San Fierro Fire Department?
Answer: I would like to join the San Fierro Fire Department because it has been my dream since a child to become a FireFighter. I am an Ex-FireFighter for the Los Santos Fire Department, but I re-signed because I didn't think Los Santos was a safe place to live in, and moved to San Fierro.

Do you possess any previous experience as a firefighter or paramedic? [X] Yes [ ] No
If yes, what do you know?
Answer: I posses a Medical Skill, and a Fire Fighter skill.

What skills do you possess that could help you with this job?
Answer: I posses the skills to use a fire truck, Hose, etc. I also went to England and studied for 8-Years for a Medical Department.

State the level of your education.
Answer: University

Explain the word "Teamwork" in your own words.
Answer: "Teamwork" is working as a team, helping eachother, and working together.

Do you understand the risks you are taking as a firefighter? [X] Yes [ ] No
Are you willing to take these risks as a firefighter? [X] Yes [ ] No

I filled in every field to the truth and I accept a full background check taking place.
Signature [John Smith]

(( OOC Information ))
Name: John
Age: 13
Timezone: GMT -5
How long have you been roleplaying in the MVP roleplay: I have been Roleplaying in SFRP since about.. uh, since they moved to San Fierro. Two days.
How long (in hours) do you play per week on average: I'd say about 10-30.
Have you ever been jailed/kicked/banned: Nope.
If yes, why:-
Do you agree on a full background check on your admin history? [X] Yes [] No
Do you understand that a bad admin history might get you declined from this faction? [X] Yes []No
Do you have any other characters in any other offical factions? [] Yes [X] No

If yes, list them: Well, this current character is in SFPD, but I guess I can roleplay better in LSFD.

Trial Administrator

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SFFD Application - John Smith - 12/15/2012
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